Modular Components and Engineered Systems To Meet Your Specific Requirement

Vertical Guide Rollers

are an option for roller conveyors to align material into a machine’s datum typically on the infeed side. They are very effective when used in conjunction with transfer and cross conveyors to square material as they feed. The standard height is 12” though they can be customized in size and design. Quantity is based on range of lengths.

Filler Plates

in both removable and fixed designs are available for roller conveyors. Filler Plates fill the gaps between rollers to support shorts.

Squaring Systems

are hydraulically powered arms that push material against a sturdy backstop to align material into a machine. The entire assembly is fitted to a roller conveyor.

Lift Rollers

can be added roller conveyors to assist material movement into and away from the machines they serve. They lift hydraulically with a ½” stroke and 5,000lb capacity. Lift Rollers are live when furnished with powered roller conveyors.

Coolant Recovery Systems

are offered for roller conveyors. The system comprises a drip pan under the rollers and pvc fittings and pipe to plumb recovered coolant back to the saw.

Staging and Discharge Skids

are stationary arms that bolt to the side of infeed and outfeed roller conveyors for staging and discharge functions, respectively. Skids can be supplied in custom lengths and in quantities and spacings as desired. They provide a simple and inexpensive means to manually feed and remove material.


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