Sheet Rack Special Models

A Storage System featuring roll-out drawers for storing sheet metal and other flat products

Sheet Racks can be customized with special sized drawers and clearances. The drawers can also be modified to store different materials besides sheet and plate. Dies, fixtures, and parts are just a few examples of what some customers are putting in their racks.

HInged Side-Frame Crank-Out Sheet Rack with one side closed
HInged Side-Frame Crank-Out Sheet Rack with drawer extended

Swing Frame Model

Sheet Racks are available with a swing frame option for the roll-out extension. This frees up the roll-out space making the rack further compact or able to install in an aisle.

Rear Load Model

A reinforced frame design permits loading the drawers from the rear with a forklift. If stock material is handled by forklift, this option facilitates the flow with loading from the rear and overhead retrieval from the front.

Double-Sided Model

A design option to roll out drawers to either end is offered for Sheet Racks. The double sided model works well for serving two adjacent machines, or centered between bays to deliver material to either one.


One operator with an overhead crane and vacuum lift can either load or retrieve any item, in under a minute.



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