SpaceSaver Accessories

Steel Storage Systems offers a variety of accessories to support different materials and subdivide receptacles

Peg Dividers

Peg Dividers

Receptacles can be divided with a peg arrangement for even more flexibility. Holes are drilled into the receptacle arms that accommodate 1" round uprights, to provide any spacing needed.

Fixed Dividers

Fixed Dividers

The divider uprights are welded to a formed channel that is easily placed in the receptacle. They are very economical if the need is isolated to only a few receptacles.

Auxiliary Supports

Auxiliary Supports

These supports permit the safe storage of items too short or limber for the distance between SpaceSaver grids, and they are designed to permit the use of chains or slings in handling loads. Constructed with a 32" long pan on each end and two adjustable 'U' shaped bolsters. They can be placed or removed quickly, without the use of tools. Simply lift in or out with a crane. Auxiliary supports can be specified for any rack size.

Protective Linings

For high quality finish materials such as polished bars and aluminum, receptacles can be furnished with plastic to protect against abrasions. It is fastened with countersunk set screws.


One operator with an overhead crane can either load or retrieve any item, whether it is a single piece or an entire bundle, in under five minutes.



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