SpaceSaver Custom Models

SpaceSavers are heavily constructed in a variety of models for almost any application.

Every aspect of a SpaceSaver from receptacle size and rack length, to the number of levels and grids can be customized for a specific application. Custom Accessories can also be designed as an integral part of the storage system.

SpaceSavers aren’t just for metal!

Anything handled by a crane can be stored in the racks – dies, rolls, fixtures, extrusions, and parts are just a few examples of what some customers are putting in their racks. All racks are made to order so it is possible to specify the exact model desired and with the features and accessories required to fulfill the storage application.

Custom-SpaceSaver for Die Storage
Custom SpaceSaver Missile Storage
Custom Outdoor SpaceSaver


One operator with an overhead crane can either load or retrieve any item, whether it is a single piece or an entire bundle, in under five minutes.



See how the SpaceSaver System suits various applications!


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