SpaceSaver Rack

The SpaceSaver System is a rack design featuring roll-out receptacles for long material.

The roll-out receptacles compliment overhead crane handling methods by providing immediate and safe access for loading and retrieving. Many sizes are available to store most any weight and length material.

Increased Productivity

SpaceSavers provide 100% accessibility resulting in tremendous labor savings. The receptacles in which the material is stored roll out into an open aisle so they are completely exposed. These receptacles are easily moved in and out by turning shafts with a hand crank. Any item, whether it is one piece or an entire bundle can be loaded or retrieved in about 5 minutes.

Higher Density

SpaceSavers can increase capacity as much as five times. They provide additional storage space by utilizing the cube in racks up to 20’ high. A SpaceSaver Rack is a series of double sided, vertically stacked receptacles available in any number of levels up to 8 Tall. Their modular design consisting of a control panel, grid supports and connecting shafts is adaptable to virtually any long heavy load.

Improved Safety

SpaceSavers enhance safety. They provide an organized storage system that eliminates the hazards of unsafe piles and buried material. With the improved access and convenience they afford overhead crane handling, they greatly reduce man-handling that often leads to injuries.

Durable and Versatile

SpaceSavers are heavily constructed in a variety of models for almost any application. Their simplicity and ruggedness make them practically maintenance free. They can be installed as need dictates, whether the application requires a single unit or a large system. Not only are they adaptable to most any load but their many sizes permits fitting any building or layout. SpaceSaver applications go beyond storing metal – dies, fixtures, rolls, aerospace components are just a few examples.

Standard Models And Specifications

Standard racks can be furnished in 3 Tall to 8 Tall and in lengths ranging from 12’ to 60’. There are four basic receptacle sizes, 20”, 24”, 30”, and 36” wide in either 12” or 15” heights. Each size is designed with a specific advantage whether it be maximum weight capacity or largest dimension. The minimum length configuration employs two grids typical for 12’ and 20’ material whereas 40’ and 60’ lengths comprise three and four grids, respectively. Grids are added not only to handle longer material but also to increase receptacle capacity or support limber items.