Modular Components and Engineered Systems To Meet Your Specific Requirement

Round Bar, Pipe & Tube Loaders

Loaders are a less expensive alternative to Transfer and Cross Conveyors for staging and feeding round material onto a roller conveyor. The Bar and Pipe Loader is designed to utilize the gravity flow properties of rounds. It comprises a staging magazine and lifting pawl. The magazine is a series of inclined skids on which material is staged and fed to the pawl. The pawl picks the material and elevates to a ramp whereby it rolls onto the roller conveyor.

Loaders are an economical alternative to Transfer and Cross Conveyors for staging and feeding round material onto a Roller Conveyor by utilizing gravity flow properties.

The magazine skids are tailored in length and quantity per requirement. The lifting pawl can also be supplied to handle most any range of lengths and weight. Thus, the Loader can be designed to handle a combination of remnants and stock lengths. The pawl is hydraulically powered to raise and lower as well as index to the width of the load. The standard indexing range is 0 to 16” wide with adjustability to lift a single diameter or several pieces at a time.

Loaders are supplied with controls and hydraulic power unit.

The Pushbar Ejector

The Pushbar Ejector is a less expensive option to Transfer and Cross Conveyors yet an effective discharge device. It is employed on outfeed roller conveyor design to remove material, typically cut pieces. The Pushbar mounts just above the rollers and electrically sweeps across the conveyors “pushing” material onto discharge skids. It can be furnished in lengths up to 40’ and a 10,000lb capacity.

Its design allows for disposing a wide range of lengths from shorts to the full outfeed. With a quick safe motion, the system eliminates clears material from the outfeed conveyor table and increases cutting productivity.

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