We have over 60 years of experience in the metals industry, offering durable solutions that maximize productivity and prioritize safety.

Roller Conveyor System

Custom Material Handling Conveyors to Serve Processing Machinery

Steel Storage Systems offers sheet steel storage racks and roll-out cantilever racks for long products, modular Conveyor components, and complete integrated systems to compliment saws, cut-to-length lines, order-filling stations, beam splitters, and other metalworking processes. Material handling components include Idler and Powered Roller Conveyors, Transfer Conveyors, Cross Conveyors, Measuring Systems, and accessories. We design and manufacture custom conveyors and automated controls to fit your company’s requirements.

SpaceSaver Rack

SpaceSaver Roll-Out Cantilever Racks for Steel and Aluminum Long Products, Pipe and Tubing

Our patented SpaceSaver Racks are the perfect roll-out cantilever racks for steel and other heavy-duty products handled by overhead crane including bars, shapes, tubes, and more. The modular design accommodates varied quantities, sizes, and lengths of long material. SpaceSaver accessories include protective receptacle liners, fixed and removable dividers, and auxiliary supports to organize and provide storage density. When looking for a steel storage rack solution, the SpaceSaver from Steel Storage Systems is the answer.

Custom Sheet Rack

Roll-Out Sheet Racks for Flat Material, Tooling, and Fixtures

Our Sheet Rack for storing plate, sheet metal, dies, and fixtures have drawers that can be pulled, cranked, or automated to roll out. Our Roll-Out Steel Sheet Metal Racks are designed to improve safety, density efficiency, and storage capacity in every application. Each drawer can handle capacities up to 10,000# and sheet sizes up to 72” x 144”. Flat material can be loaded and retrieved with ease and staged in close proximity to processing machinery.  Our roll-out material racks for steel are the storage system you need to take your processing to the next level.

We collaborate closely with our customers, taking an individual approach to every project to meet objectives. Contact us to learn more!