Tailored systems to fit unique material handling applications

Steel Storage Systems’ broad engineering and manufacturing capabilities extend beyond Warehouse Storage Racks and are applied to design and produce custom material handling systems. Our talent to tailor complete custom conveyor systems with automated controls focused on metals applications is unique to the industry.


Steel Storage Systems designs, manufactures and installs custom Material Handling Equipment & Systems for a wide array of applications. We work closely with our customers to improve metal flow in their facility and optimize production efficiency. Get in touch to learn more.

Packaging System for Hex Bundles of Round Steel Tubing

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Beam Splitter

Beam Splitter

The Beam Splitter splits steel beams into tees in conjunction with a rotary shear process. The Splitter features fixed and powered blocks that form a vice and break the beam into tees. In addition, the system incorporates a Transfer Conveyor to feed and discharge the beam and resulting tees.

The operation is such that the Transfer will lift a scored beam off the rotary shear exit roller table and position it against the Splitter’s stationary block, which is adjustable to minimize the cylinder stroke and travel (for narrow vs. wider beams).

The powered block would engage and “snap” the beam into tees. The blocks are just 2” high to be below the beam’s web and have a pinch effect.

This Custom Conveyor facilitates beam positioning and provides accumulation space for the resulting tees.

Mill Exit and Packaging Lines

Steel Storage also designs tube mill Exit and Packaging Lines. Each Exit and Packaging System is tailored to handle a range of sizes and lengths and can package both structural and mechanical tubing in multiple bundle configurations. In addition, these systems have automated controls and integrate with the mill to match speed and size.

CNC Turning Center Feed and Exit Line System

CNC Turning Center Feed and Exit Lines

The CNC Turning Center Feed and Exit System is an integrated feed for tubes to two turning machines and a vertical mill. The system conveys the tube to the first turning center for threading the right end, then to the second turning center to thread the left end, and finally, to the mill to scallop the surface.

Integrated Processing Line

Tubes are conveyed in a continuing sequence from a furnace to a straightener, an eddy current tester, a saw, and a deburring machine.

Transfer Conveyor feeding a tube laser
Transfers Feeding Tube Laser
Custom Plate Conveyor
Plate Upender Conveyor System

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Beam-Splitter Video

Watch the I-Beam-Splitter process.