A Storage System featuring roll-out drawers for storing sheet metal and other flat products

A crank-out drawer option is available for all Sheet Rack models. It greatly reduces the roll out effort to 20% of a glide-out drawer.

10,000 lb capacity crank-out drawer Sheet Rack models are offered. Even these heavy loads are easily rolled out.

Our crank-out sheet steel storage racks have many advantages

  • Standard crank-out sheet rack models are designed with 4, 5, or 6 drawers. This allows for a versatile system that lets you better match our racks with your materials.
  • Our storage racks are available in sizes of 5’ x 10 and 6′ x 12′.
  • The crank-out model features full-extension glides with weight capacities of 10,000 lb. each.
  • They are an ideal complement to laser cutters, shears, press brakes, and other production machinery. 
  • Use our sheet steel storage racks to enhance productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Increase storage density by up to 400% when you use our sheet steel racks.
  • Your materials are quickly, easily, and safely accessible for improved efficiency. This provides impressive time (and labor) savings.
  • Enhance productivity while increasing workplace safety! 
Drawer Capacity10,000lbs.10,000lbs.
Number Of Drawers4, 5, 64, 5, 6
Drawer Height12″, 8″, 6″ 12″, 8″, 6″
Rack Height83″83″
Rack Length139″163″
Rack Width127″151″
Drawer Length123″147″
Drawer Width60″72″
Roll-Out Extension73″85″

Why choose our sheet steel storage rack options?

Our expert team will prescribe the right standard system to meet your needs. If we don’t have a standard system that’s right for you, we will design a custom system that will meet your unique needs.

If you are looking for a sheet steel storage method that is simple to use while providing increased safety for your workers, then give Steel Storage Systems a try. Our well-designed and efficient storage systems are just what you need. They were designed with worker safety and ease-of-use as core principles.

Since 1964, we have been helping our customers solve their production challenges. With over half a century of experience behind us, we have the technical skill and expertise to solve even the most difficult challenges.

Contact Steel Storage Systems today to learn more!


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