A Storage System featuring roll-out drawers for storing sheet metal and other flat products

We offer the Crank-Out Drawer Option for all 5,000 lbs. drawer capacity Sheet Rack Models to reduce the effort required to open and close drawers. Fully loaded Crank-Out Drawers take 20 lbs. of torque to operate, which is 20% less effort than a pull-out drawer with the same load.

Our Crank-Out Sheet Rack Models have four to six 10,000 lbs. weight capacity drawers for handling 5’ x 10’ up to 6’ x 12’ sheet metal or plate. Additionally, we offer the Powered Drawer Option to automate operation and increase safety.

Steel Storage Sheet Racks support overhead crane handling and serve metal processing machinery, including lasers, plasma tables, and press brakes.

Drawer Capacity10,000lbs.10,000lbs.
Number Of Drawers4, 5, 64, 5, 6
Drawer Height12″, 8″, 6″ 12″, 8″, 6″
Rack Height83″83″
Rack Length139″163″
Rack Width127″151″
Drawer Length123″147″
Drawer Width60″72″
Roll-Out Extension73″85″

Our Crank-Out Sheet Steel Storage Racks have many advantages

Ease of Operation

  • Our Crank-Out option reduces the roll-out effort by 20%.
  • Ergonomic drives provide smooth and easy movement.
  • The Crank-Out Drawer glides out to full extension.

Maximize Capacity and Efficiency

  • This versatile system can store any flat product, including plate, fixtures, and dies.
  • They complement laser cutters, shears, press brakes, and other production machinery. 
  • Sheet storage racks inexpensively maximize operational flow.
  • Sheet steel racks increase storage density up to 400%.

Increase Safety

  • Materials are quickly, easily, and safely accessible, saving you time and labor costs.
  • Crank-Out Sheet Racks reduce workplace hazards and material damage.

Why choose our sheet steel storage rack?

Our expert team will prescribe the right standard or special storage system to meet your unique requirements. We take an individual approach to analyze your application and objectives to maximize your productivity. 

If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive steel storage method, contact Steel Storage Systems. Our durable and efficient storage systems are designed with worker safety and utility as core principles.

Since 1964, we have been helping our customers solve their production challenges. With over half a century of experience behind us, we have the technical skill and expertise to solve even the most difficult challenges.

Contact Steel Storage Systems today to learn more!

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