The Single-Sided SpaceSaver Cantilever Rack System features roll-out receptacles purposed for efficiently storing long material in limited space.

SpaceSaver Cantilever Storage Racks are available in single-sided and double-sided designs, all with roll-out receptacles. A single-sided rack occupies 30% less space than a standard double-sided cantilever metal racking unit. Receptacles on a One-Sided SpaceSaver are designed to roll out to one side only, either the right or the left.

One-sided units are available in standard sizes and lengths and can be customized to fit your specific requirements. Every aspect of a SpaceSaver Cantilever Rack System, from receptacle size and rack length to the number of levels and grid support structures, can be customized for a specific application or process. Additionally, Steel Storage offers standard and custom SpaceSaver cantilever storage rack accessories for added organization, capacity, and safety.

The Single-Sided SpaceSaver design is an alternative to the Double-Sided Model, where floor space and crane access are limited. One-Sided Rack Models are especially effective positioned against a wall or other type of barrier. Practical applications for Single-Sided Cantilever Racks include storing tooling and fixtures in proximity to press brakes, shears, and other processing equipment, storing items sold in bulk, and storing fast-moving inventory. A standard model with four roll-out cantilever drawers (4T) can store up to twelve tooling and fixture combinations. The 4T model’s low profile allows for overhead crane movement and provides easy access to material. Full bundles of material can be quickly stored and loaded onto trucks, saving time and labor. Additionally, slow-moving items can be kept out of the way of faster-moving inventory.

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GRID Drawing of a 4T-36X12R ONE-SIDED cantilever SpaceSaver Rack
4T Right-Hand Grid Structure: One-Sided Roll-Out Cantilever SpaceSavers are designed for receptacles to roll out to one side only; right or left.
One-Sided Models And Specifications
Arm Capacity (lbs) 4,9504,2003,9753,150
Top Level Capacities per grid(lbs)15,00015,00015,00015,000
Receptacle Width (A)20.5″24.5″30.5″36.5″
Receptacle Height (B)12″ | 15″12″ | 15″12″ | 15″12″ | 15″
Rack Height (C)
      3 Tall85″ | 94″85″ | 94″90″ | 99″90″ | 99″
      4 Tall 107″ | 119″107″ | 119″113″ | 125″113″ | 125″
      5 Tall 129″ | 144″129″ | 144″136″ | 151″136″ | 151″
      6 Tall 151″ | 169″151″ | 169″159″ | 177″159″ | 177″
Rack Width (D)
      3 Tall – 4 Tall47″49″67″73″
      5 Tall – 6 Tall45″54″65″75″
Rollout Aisle (E)23″27″33″39″

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