Modular Components and Engineered Roller Conveyor Systems to Meet Your Specific Requirements

Roller Conveyors are heavily constructed to stand up to the wear and abuse of handling steel, and to last for many years of operation. They are furnished in 10’ or less modular sections that bolt together to form any length required. The modular design allows for easy shipping, assembly, and rearranging. Standard conveyor rollers are available in 22”, 32”, and 42” widths and offered in a variety of spacings. Custom widths are available to meet any application. Roller sizes, frames, and legs can be specified for extreme heavy-duty applications. All CDLR Conveyors are manufactured to your height specification, and the legs are equipped with +/- 1 1/2” adjustment.

Our Roller Conveyors integrate with metal saw systems, cut-to-length (CTL) lines for steel sheet, shotblasters, tube mill exit lines, orderfilling, and packaging lines. Roller conveyor tables facilitate bay to bay and inside to outside movement of material in metal service centers, mills, and fabricators.

Custom Cut-to-Length Conveyor System
A 12′ Wide Cut-to-Length (CTL) Roller-Conveyor System

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Transfer Conveyors and Load and Discharge Systems further increase material handling productivity and efficiency when integrated with Roller Conveyors by providing accumulation and discharge. Load Rails, Pushbar Ejectors, and Vertical Guide Rollers also support the material staging and discharge process.

Steel Storage offers our Roller Conveyor Tables with custom roller sizes, frames, and legs for extreme heavy-duty material handling applications.

We provide custom solutions to meet your unique handling and production demands. Our expert team will work with you and design a system to meet all application requirements.

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Idler Roller Conveyor Tables

Idler Roller Conveyors are offered in all the same sizes and options as powered sections. These Roller Conveyor Sections can be used for many applications within various industries with a heavy focus on material handling equipment and transition

Many roller conveyor accessory options are available. These include:

  • Drip Pans with a PVC pipe recovery system
  • Removable Filler Plates
  • Vertical Guide Rollers for material alignment
  • Lift Rollers
  • Pivot Sections and Safety Gates to create walkways

Powered Roller Conveyors

Powered Roller Conveyors are typically supplied with variable speed electric drives operated with a joystick control. The CDLR conveyor drive chain is wrapped roller-to-roller and covered by removable formed chain guards. Besides offering custom roller sizes, drives and chain can also be specified to fit the application utilizing the safety and efficiency of a powered roller conveyor. Steel Storage System’s customization options include clutched drives, safety guards, and Measuring Systems to provide safe and efficient material handling.

A Turntable Powered Roller Conveyor Section can accomplish a 90-degree material flow change. A Powered Roller Conveyor Pivot Section creates a temporary aisle by raising 90 degrees. It raises and lowers hydraulically and has live rollers.

Large Conveyors are 96″ or wider and 80′-200′ long to support shotblasting equipment with options such as tilting plates at 45-degree angles. Check out our Custom Material Handling systems to learn more about unique roller conveyor applications!

All Powered Roller Conveyors are supplied with controls including a pre-wired voltage panel and operator’s console. Controls are custom designed to the desired operation and plant voltage.

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