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Measuring System for Conveyor and Saw System

The Powered Workstop

provides convenience, accuracy, and efficiency. It is operated from an operator’s console with controls for its positioning, clamping, lowering and raising. The Workstop is mounted to a track attached to the outfeed roller conveyor and it can be supplied to any length. It is ruggedly constructed and is equipped with slow-down and stop sensors to minimize impact. A closed circuit camera displays a tape measure readout on a monitor at the console. A material contact light confirms material is in position.

The Manual Workstop

is a basic measuring system for light duty applications. It is recommended only with idler roller conveyors and the cutting of smaller bars, shapes, and tubes. Like the Powered Workstop, it is mounted to a track attached to the outfeed roller conveyor but it is manually aligned to a tape measure on the track, clamped with a locking lever, lowered and raised.

Measuring System Control Panel for Conveyor
Measuring System and Work Stop for Conveyor System


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