A Storage System featuring Roll-Out drawers for storing sheet steel, aluminum, and other flat products

A safe and dependable storage systems for large quantities of metal products is critical to streamline material flow. The right heavy-duty storage equipment increases density, organization, accessibility, and functionality.

Our Roll-Out Sheet Racks serve to improve manufacturing and servicing capacity, prioritizing safety and efficiency. We offer systems that enable you maximize productivity to meet your customer’s demands.

Steel Storage Systems offers solutions to meet the needs of our metal distribution and metal working customers. Our standard Roll-Out Sheet Racks for steel and aluminum products have a several advantages.

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Standard Roll-Out Sheet Rack Models

  • Standard models have between 4 and 8 Roll-Out storage levels with 5,000 lbs. capacity per drawer. The drawers are spaced 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, or 12″ apart with an overall rack height of 73″, 79″, or 81″.
  • This versatile system can store any heavy flat product including plate, fixtures, and dies.
  • Roll-Out Sheet Racks allow you to organize your metal inventory and work in progress items by size, type, gauge, material type, etc.
  • Our racks provide effective and safe storage and easy handling. It only takes one operator using an overhead crane less than a minute to load or retrieve material.
  • Roll-Out Sheet Racks complement laser cutters, shears, press brakes, and other production machinery. 
Roll-Out Sheet Rack specs
Front View
Roll-Out Sheet Rack specs
Top View
Drawer Capacity5,000lbs5,000lbs5,000lbs5,000lbs.
Rack Length (C)111″135″ 135″159″
Rack Width (D)103″103″127″151″
Drawer Length (E)98″122″122″146″
Drawer Width (F)50″50″62″74″
Rollout Extenstion (C)56″56″68″80″
Number Of Drawers45678
Drawer Height (A)12″10″8″6″4″
Rack Height (B)73″79″81″79″73″

We collaborate with customers to develop a storage solution to meet their objectives.

At Steel Storage Systems, we know how important product storage is for an efficient facility and material flow. We are dedicated to providing metal storage solutions that fit your unique needs and environment.

Whether you are looking for one unit or a fully integrated storage and handling system, we have the experience, skill, and creativity to analyze your application and meet your specific requirements.

At Steel Storage Systems, we understand how critical product storage is for an efficient facility and material flow. Call us at (800) 442-0291 or submit a quote request form to learn more about our material handling solutions today!


Watch an operator with an overhead crane retrieve material from a Sheet Rack, in under five minutes.


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View Roll-Out Sheet Rack installation photos.