Battery of SpaceSaver Racks in a Steel Warehouse

Cd’A Metals accesses inventory using a custom storage and retrieval system from Steel Storage Systems.

Methodical Movement

By Gretchen Salois | Modern Metals | Material Handling

| Tuesday, 23 December, 2014 | 10:44 am

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HD Roller and Transfer Conveyor System

Tailor Made: Designing conveyor systems specific to each company is the key to productivity

Tailor Made

By Julie Sammarco | Modern Metals | Material Handling | Monday, 09 January, 2012 | 01:58 pm

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Steel beam splitter system

Steel Storage Introduces a Beam Splitter Handling System.

A special Beam Splitter device has been developed to split beams into tees in conjunction with a rotary shear process. The Splitter features fixed and powered blocks that form a vice for the beam, causing it to break into tees. The Beam Splitter is incorporated into a Transfer Conveyor.

The operation is such that the Transfer will lift a scored beam off the rotary shear exit roller table and position it against the Splitter’s stationary block, which is adjustable to minimize the cylinder stroke and travel (for narrow vs. wider beams).

The powered block would engage and “snap” the beam into tees. The blocks are just 2” high to be below the beam’s web and have a pinch effect.

The Transfer Conveyor not only facilitates the beam positioning but also provides accumulation space for the resulting tees.

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