Custom SpaceSaver Rack for printing cylinders installed at Precision Printing

Custom SpaceSaver Racks for Precision Printing

Precision Printing Co. faced difficult storage and handling problems. Not only did ten roll-out racks solve the problems, but the racks also saved floor space, reduced handling and damage to the rolls, and increased safety in the workplace at International Label.

SpaceSaver Racks for Round and Square Tubing

Pipe and Tubing Storage Rack for Marmon Keystone

Marmon/Keystone, an international distributor of pipe and tubing, recently installed six model 5T-2G-36x15R-24′ SpaceSaver Racks for storing carbon, stainless, and aluminum tubing inventory in their Denver, Colorado branch. The material ranges from 1″ to 8″ diameter in lengths from 20′ to 24′.

Electralloy Conveyor for steel bars and billets

Conveyor System and SpaceSaver Racks for Electralloy

Initially, stacking products on the shop floor might seem like no big deal. But suddenly, one pile turns into 10, then 20, and all of a sudden, there’s neither a place for everything nor everything in its place. Instead, there’s a cluttered, possibly unsafe environment.

Bundling System

Automated Packaging System for Bull Moose Tube

Bull Moose Tube Company has installed an automated packaging system supplied by Steel Storage Systems for its sprinkler pipe mill in Casa Grande, AZ. Bull Moose is a prominent manufacturer and marketer of tubular products in North America. The Casa Grande facility was opened in 2005 to serve the western United States and Mexico.

Battery of Custom Sheet Racks for Sheet Metal and Plate

Sheet Racks to Feed CNC Lasers

A large manufacturer of electrical enclosures has installed eight Roll-out Sheet Racks in its Kentucky plant. The plant produces standard and modified general purpose and disconnect unibody enclosures. The Racks replaced an automated storage tower that was integrated to their first laser installation but it was overwhelmed by the increased cycle demand when a second laser was added to production.