Pipe and Tubing Storage Rack for Marmon Keystone

SpaceSaver Racks for Round and Square Tubing

Marmon/Keystone, an international distributor of pipe and tubing, recently installed six model 5T-2G-36x15R-24′ SpaceSaver Racks for storing carbon, stainless, and aluminum tubing inventory in their Denver, Colorado branch. The material ranges from 1″ to 8″ diameter in lengths from 20′ to 24′. This installment adds to several more existing SpaceSavers to complete the transition from a pigeon hole rack system. The SpaceSavers significantly reduced orderfilling time due to the selectivity provided by the roll-out drawers. According to Warehouse Manager, Jim Haslage, “the warehousemen like working with the new SpaceSaver Racks. The area is very well organized and the 100% accessibility has reduced order picking time.” The racks also improved safety by eliminating the procedure to manipulate heavy tubes in and out of the pigeon holes.

The 5T model maximized the available height in the plant and complimented the existing overhead cranes. Marmon/Keystone chose the 36″ wide and 15″ high drawer size for the dual purpose of storing bulky loads of tubing and to subdivide the drawers with Receptacle Dividers to further increase storage density for smaller quantity items. Each roll-out drawer has 8,400lb. capacity and a top level capable of 40,000lbs. Each rack is configured to store 20′ to 24′ material for added flexibility.

John Hood, Operations Manager at the branch, developed the plan to implement SpaceSavers over a period of time to mitigate expense and ease the transition. The racks were easy to implement requiring no foundation work or additional material handling equipment.

Marmon/Keystone has SpaceSavers installed in several other branch facilities in the United States and Canada.


Five tall racks for steel tubing and bars
Five tall racks for steel tubing and bars

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