Steel Storage Systems manufactures material handling and storage equipment for your specific application.

SpaceSaver Rack

The SpaceSaver System is a rack design featuring roll-out cantilever receptacles for storing long material. The roll-out receptacles extend into the aisle, providing full access to material. The system compliments overhead handling methods as it provides immediate and safe access for loading and retrieving material. Our standard modular racking systems accommodate a variety of material types, sizes, weights, lengths and quantities.  We also offer custom and one-sided models and several accessories. Visit our SpaceSaver Racks page to learn more!

Sheet Rack

Steel Storage Systems offers roll-out Sheet racking for horizontal storage of flat material. Our Roll-out Sheet Racks feature drawers that roll-out or crank-out for storing sheet metal, plate, dies and fixtures. They provide safe and easy access to material and improve operational flow. The roll-out sheet racks compliment production machinery such as a shear, laser, and press brake to create an inexpensive and effective manufacturing cell. Check out the product page to learn more about our roll-out steel racking systems available now.

Custom Material Handling

Steel Storage Systems works with you to find the material handling equipment to solve your operational challenges. Our systems include beam splitters, CTL exit and packaging lines, CNC Turning center feed and exit lines, and bundle stackers. Our extensive manufacturing and engineering capabilities allow us to tailor systems to suit your needs. Steel Storage Systems talent to engineer and build complete custom designs along with automated controls with a focus on metals applications is unique to the industry.


Steel Storage Systems designs and manufactures heavy-duty conveyor components and custom integrated systems to meet your specific material handling requirement. Our systems include, idler and roller conveyors, transfer and cross conveyors, load and discharge systems, and measuring systems. With over 50 years of experience in material handling equipment manufacturing, our team of experts will work closely with you to increase your processing productivity. Visit our conveyor systems page to learn more!

Parts Tumbler

The Metal Parts Tumbler by Steel Storage Systems removes slag, burrs, scale and rust from metal parts providing a superior finish without need of an operator. This rotary tumbler has an integrated Dust Collector that vacuums the dust and particles from the tumbling chamber producing cleaner parts without irritating pollution. The Parts Tumbler by Steel Storage is the automated deburring machine for you. Visit the product page to learn more!

Beam Rotator

The Beam Rotator is principally designed to turn mill bundles of beams so the web is horizontal for conventional stacking and easy steel storage. Other applications that can be accomplished by the beam rotator include stacking bundles and rotating rectangular tubing. This piece of industrial material handling equipment a must have for high volume operations looking to improve safety and efficiency.