Maximizing Efficiency: Conveyor Solutions to Revolutionize Metals Service Center and Fabricator Operations

Innovative minds have worked tirelessly to continuously improve metals service center and fabricator operations. Groundbreaking advances in information and automation technology have propelled modern conveyor and storage solutions to further streamline service center and fabricator processes by improving metal flow and safety.

Conveyor Systems: Moving Metal Industries Forward

Employing conveyor systems to transport heavy and bulky materials isn’t a new revelation and has been a staple in metal processing, distribution, fabrication, and manufacturing operations. Recent advances in technology, however, have helped elevate basic machines to the powerful multitasking systems available today.

Smart Conveyor Control Systems

Smart technology has played a huge role in modernizing conveyor systems by allowing greater interactivity between machines, enterprise systems, and operators. Using state-of-the-art sensors, programmable logic controller (PLC), and human machine interface (HMI) technology, production managers and operators can see material levels, throughput efficiency, power consumption, and other vital information. Smart systems with program-and-go capabilities also allow for remote access to troubleshoot, modular expansion of control allow systems, and integration with other machine centers.

Automation and Integration

While automation and integration in manufacturing isn’t a new concept, they have experienced rapid advances, making this valuable technology more accessible to smaller businesses. Most notably, improvements in sensors have allowed for greater accuracy, safety, and productivity, reducing production time and overall costs. Companies can increase value-added processing capacity by reducing material handling and streamlining material flow.

Interconnected IT and OT

Automation and interconnectivity has come a long way in recent years and is now more available and efficient than ever before. When used with fully integrated conveyor solutions, interconnected technology can significantly improve manufacturing operations. A few ways interconnectivity has improved productivity include:

  • Alerting when the material is low or misaligned.
  • Visible and audible alarms signaling operation.
  • Disabling conveyor when an operator is in close proximity or another operation is in process. 
  • Pausing production when a system is malfunctioning and providing diagnostics.

Heavy-Duty Metal Movers

Steel Storage Systems conveyor systems are available in a number of configurations and options that offer manufacturers a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Reduced Downtime 
  • Improved Productivity
  • Enhanced Workplace Safety
  • Customizable Solutions

Roller Conveyor Systems

Built to withstand years of heavy use, roller conveyor systems facilitate the smooth transfer of steel and other metals from one process to the next. Roller conveyors easily integrate into metal manufacturing and material moving applications, including:

  • Saw Handling Systems
  • CTL Exit Lines
  • Shot Blaster Systems
  • Tube Mill Exit Lines
  • Order Filling Systems

Transfer and Cross Conveyor Systems

Transfer systems, most often used with roller conveyors, allow material to accumulate and be fed at desired intervals. This makes these conveyor systems particularly valuable for increased efficiency for processing assets. Cross conveyor systems, which are similar to transfer systems, provide greater flexibility in multi-phased metal processing operations.

Steel Storage Systems Customized Conveyor Solutions

Steel Storage Systems is dedicated to improving metal flow throughout manufacturing while increasing worker safety and improving overall productivity. We work with each client to customize conveyor and storage systems to meet their exact material flow requirements. Please contact us today to learn more.