Steel Storage Systems now offers a Powered Receptacle Option for SpaceSaver Rack Models

The powered SpaceSaver Rack enhances safety by eliminating the risk of repetitive motion injury. Additional benefits of the powered model include faster receptacle extension and retraction. A 36” wide powered receptacle takes approximately eight seconds to fully extend or retract, while cranking takes between 10-15 seconds.

The powered receptacle option is available for all standard cantilever metal racks and single sided cantilever rack models. Powered SpaceSavers are operated from a control panel mounted to the front of the rack.

Contact us to learn about the safety and operational benefits of motorized cantilever receptacles for metal bar, pipe, and tube storage!

Our standard SpaceSaver Racks accommodate a wide variety of material types, sizes, and weights. Each rack is designed with a specific advantage for the end user, whether it be maximum weight capacity or the largest dimension to house long pieces of material. SpaceSavers can be modified to suit most end-user applications and specifications to improve material handling safety and efficiency.

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