Parts Tumbler to Remove Slag, Burrs, Scale, and Rust from Metal Parts

The Rotary Metal Parts Tumbler by Steel Storage Systems removes slag, burrs, scale, and rust from metal parts of all shapes and sizes without requiring an operator to manage the tumbling cycle.

Steel Storage System’s Metal Parts Tumbler has an integrated Dust Collector that vacuums the dust and particles from the tumbling chamber, producing cleaner parts without irritating pollution without sacrificing quality and efficiency in sub-assembly metal parts processing.

In addition to the integrated dust collector, the interior of this rotary deburring machine is lined with 3/4″ rubber, which is essential for reducing noise and protecting the Metal Parts Tumbler’s chamber walls and the parts being tumbled. The hexagonal shape of the Rotary Tumbler chamber provides a lively tumbling action for a fast, clean, and high-quality mechanical deburring for sub-assembly parts.

Metal Parts Tumbler

The maximum capacity of the Metal Parts Tumbler is 2,000 lbs., and there is no size limit as long as the parts can revolve loosely in the chamber and tumble against each other. Its efficient processing cycle, depending on the size of the load and the degree of finish required, completes the tumbling process between 30 and 60 minutes. Our Tumbler is the perfect solution to deburring industrial metal parts quickly and efficiently.

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