operator retrieves metal sheet from the drawer of a Double-Sided Crank-Out Sheet Rack

A Storage Solution featuring roll-out drawers for storing sheet metal and other flat materials

The Roll-Out Sheet Metal Rack design has drawers that pull or crank out smoothly to full extension, permitting immediate access for placement and retrieval of flat material with a crane or forklift. 

Steel Storage Systems has sheet metal racking available in standard, crank-out drawer options, and custom sheet steel racking models.

  • 5,000# and 10,000# Drawer Capacity Crank-Out Rack Models
  • Forklift-Loading Sheet Rack
  • Double-Sided Roll-Out Sheet Rack
  • Hinged Side-Frame Sheet Rack
The Director of Operations at Summit Bodyworks discusses the benefits of Steel Storage Systems’ Roll-Out Cantilever and Sheet Racks for storing sheet metal and aluminum extrusions. Steel Storage Racks serve metal processing applications and provide immediate and safe access to material with an overhead crane.

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Increased Productivity

Sheet Steel Storage Racks provide 100% accessibility to the material resulting in tremendous labor savings for your company. The roll-out drawers extend completely for immediate access for placement and retrieval of material with a crane. Steel Storage Systems sheet metal racks greatly complement manufacturing machinery such as a laser and shear equipment. They provide a simple yet inexpensive means to create an efficient and safe manufacturing cell.

Improved Safety

Sheet Steel Racks eliminate hazardous piles and buried material, resulting in a safer workplace and reducing material damage inherent in handling sheet and plate. All Sheet Metal Rack models are accessible from the floor for convenience and safety.

Better Handling

Sheet Metal Racks ease storage and handling operations, allowing for consistent handling of material within the drawers. Models are available in either manual glide-out or crank-out designs for lighter or heavier loads, respectfully. Loading can be accomplished quickly and conveniently using a sheet lift, vacuum lifter, magnet, or forklift.

Higher Storage Density

Roll-Out Racks for flat metal storage can increase operational capacity four times as other storage methods. Steel Storage Systems’ Sheet Rack Models are offered up to eight levels high and for a variety of sheet sizes to fit your specific material handling needs.  Roll-Out Rack Storage Systems are a practical and economical alternative to clumsy vertical upright racks or cost-intensive cantilever storage systems.

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See how the Roll-Out Sheet Rack suits various metal processing applications!

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