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Chain-Driven Transfer Conveyors

Transfer and Cross Conveyors are employed to accumulate, feed, and discharge material. They comprise a series of arms with a large powered chain linked to a common drive shaft that conveys the material laterally. The chains carry loads in a continuous and sequential flow. The arms can be furnished in specified quantities and spacings to handle virtually any range of lengths. Transfer tables are available in custom sizes and lengths, and up to 25,000lb. capacity per arm. Transfer Conveyors typically serve roller conveyor tables for staging and discharge functions to processing machinery. The arms intersect the roller conveyor and feature lifting cylinders to raise and lower to affect loading. In this application, Transfers provide uninterrupted material flow for continuous operation of machinery resulting in maximum productivity.

Chain-Driven Cross Conveyors

These serve the same purpose as Transfer Conveyors but have unlimited accumulation capacity and they are better shared in a multi-process handling system such as a fabrication beam line. Cross Conveyors feature arms with lift-and-carry transports that convey material laterally. The transports lift the material and carry it over the length of the arms. The number of arms can be arranged to support a wide range of lengths. The arms can be supplied to any length. The transports can be designed to any capacity.

Cross Conveyors are typically supplied with variable speed electric drives with a joystick control. The drive chain is wrapped roller-to-roller and covered by removable formed chain guards. Besides offering custom roller sizes, drives and chain can also be specified to fit the application. Clutched drives are available, too.

Each Cross Conveyor arm includes a fixed load rail or transfer skid on which the material rests. When not carrying material, the transports travel under the load rails for positioning. Since the load rails are fixed, they can support tremendous weights and not be limited in capacity due to their length. With its lift-and-carry design, Cross Conveyors provide convenient and independent operation when they are shared by multiple operators in a transfer process between machines.

Load and Discharge Systems are similar to Transfer and Cross Conveyor Systems, but designed specifically for bar, tube, and pipe. Load and Discharge systems use the gravity flow properties of round material to stage and feed Roller Conveyor.

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