Steel Storage Systems Offers Standard SpaceSavers: Simple Roll-Out Cantilever Storage Racking for Bar, Pipe, Tube, Beams, and Other Long Products

Steel Storage Systems manufactures and sells many options of our crank-out cantilever racking for the metals industry. Our standard SpaceSaver racks are the most popular models and accommodate a large variety of material types, sizes, and weights. SpaceSaver cantilever racking is a series of double-sided, vertically stacked storage receptacles available in any number of levels up to 8 Tall, and in lengths up to 60’.  The receptacles roll out laterally for loading or retrieving material with an overhead crane. We offer four basic receptacle sizes: 20”, 24”, 30”, and 36” wide and either 12” or 15” in height.

Fully loaded SpaceSaver Receptacles are easily cranked out by one operator.

Standard SpaceSaver Cantilever Racking Systems can store heavy loads and any length of material. Each cantilever roll-out rack unit is designed with a specific advantage for the end user, whether it be maximum weight capacity or the largest dimension to house long pieces of material. The minimum length configuration of standard SpaceSavers employs two grid supports typical for 12’ and 20’ material, whereas 40’ and 60’ lengths comprise three and four grid supports, respectively.  Grids are added to handle longer material, increase receptacle weight capacity, or support limber items needing consistent spacing.

Grid supports are spaced appropriately to the length material. Long material spans across the Grid Arms. The drawing shows 12' material on a 2 Grid SpaceSaver Rack
SpaceSaver Roll-Out Cantilever Rack Components
  • Control Panel: The Control Panel is the front framework of the rack. It houses the drive mechanism for each receptacle and supports the end of the drive pipes.
  • Support Grids: The Grid is the main supporting structure of a SpaceSaver Rack. The number of Grids varies with the model of the rack. All SpaceSaver Racks are a combination of two or more Grids assembled with spacer pipes, drive pipes, and tensioning rods (cross-rods) to accommodate the specific material lengths and weight capacities.
  • Receptacle Arms: The Receptacle Arms are the drawers in a SpaceSaver Rack.
  • Pipe Set: The Pipe Set consists of the spreader members, drive pipes, and cross-rods.
Grid supports are spaced appropriately to the length material. Long material spans across the Grid Arms. The drawing shows 20' material on a 2 Grid SpaceSaver Rack
Standard Spacings / Lengths
ModelControl Panel To GridGrid To Grid
2 Grid-12′3′7’6″
2 Grid-20′5′11′
2 Grid-24′5’6″14′
3 Grid-20′3’6″7’6″
3 Grid-40′5’6″15′
4 Grid-60′5’6″16’8″ 

Storing virtually any length material is possible with SpaceSavers cantilever material racking from Steel Storage Systems. Grid Support spacing can be arranged for any length as well as for supporting a range of lengths in a rack. Contact us for a quote!

Standard SpaceSaver Models and Specifications Drawing
Standard Models And Specifications    
Arm Capacity (per grid)6,600lbs.5,600lbs.5,300lbs.4,200lbs.
Top Level Capacity (per grid)20,000lbs.20,000lbs.20,000lbs.20,000lbs.
Receptical Width (A)20.5″24.5″30.5″36.5″
Receptical Height (B)12″ | 15″12″ | 15″12″ | 15″12″ | 15″
Rack Height (C)
      3 Tall85″ | 94″85″ | 94″90″ | 99″90″ | 99″
      4 Tall 107″ | 119″107″ | 119″113″ | 125″113″ | 125″
      5 Tall 129″ | 144″129″ | 144″136″ | 151″136″ | 151″
      6 Tall 151″ | 169″151″ | 169″159″ | 177″159″ | 177″
      7 Tall 173″ | 194″173″ | 194″182″ | 203″182″ | 203″
      8 tall195″ | 219″195″ | 219″205″ | 225″205″ | 225″
Rack Width (D)
      3 Tall – 4 Tall57″65″79″91″
      5 Tall – 8 Tall61″69″81″93″
Rollout Aisle (E)23″27″33″39″

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