Custom Racks for Precision Printing

“The racks provided the most cost effective solution to our storage and handling problems. Over 30% of floor space was saved by implementing the new racks. Our handling time has been reduced, safety has improved, and best of all the cylinders are no longer damaged when handled.”

Don Cox
cylinder manufacturing supervisor at Precision Printing
Custom SpaceSaver Rack for printing cylinders installed at Precision Printing
Precision Printing Custom Rack for printing cylinders

Precision Printing Co. prints billions of labels for the food and beverage industry yearly. However, with an inventory consisting of over 300 different cylinder rolls for printing, the company faced difficult storage and handling problems. Not only did ten Steel Storage Roll-Out Cantilever Racks solve the problems, but the racks also saved floor space, reduced handling and damage to the rolls, and increased safety in the workplace at International Label. The fragile cylinders require special care. However, the overhead crane that handled the rolls couldn’t easily maneuver above the A-frame racks previously installed. As a result, cylinders were handled extensively, leading to frequent damage.

The A-frame design also occupied excessive space. Each SpaceSaver Rack consists of eight roll-out shelves or levels, and a fixed top storage platform. Three cylinders fit in each of the eight levels and six cylinders fit on the top level of the new roll-out racks. The rolls rest on concentric grooves in polyethylene lined supports. Each cylinder now has a dedicated position in the rack and damage to the rolls has been eliminated.

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