Beam Rotator

Industrial Material Handling Equipment for I-Beam by Steel Storage Systems

Quickly and safely turn bundles of structural steel 90 degrees with the Beam Rotator from Steel Storage Systems. The Beam Rotator turns mill bundles of heavy beams, so the web is horizontal for easy, efficient, and safe conventional stacking.

The Beam Rotator has more industrial applications than just turning steel beams. Steel Storage Systems Beam Rotator is an excellent tool for stacking bundles, rotating rectangular tubing for drilling processes, rotating bundles for shipment processing, and many other metals fabrication and distribution functions. Additionally, the Beam Rotator reduces the need for overhead cranes to turn and rotate beams.

Each Beam Rotator package consists of three hydraulically powered stands rated up to 15,000 lbs. capacity per stand and spaced to handle 20′ to 60′ long material. The Beam Rotator improves material handling and processing safety, speed, and efficiency in the metalworking and metals distribution industries.

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